Electrical Solutions Inc.

Electrical Solutions Inc. has been proudly serving the region since 2006. Our goal is to create opportunities for employees and service for customers. When it comes to providing service in the field of electrical work for Southern Alberta, Electrical Solutions Inc. is the place to go. Our clients continually praise us for our commitment to honesty, integrity and up front pricing. We meet the needs of everyone who approaches us and exceed their expectations repeatedly. Customers appreciate what we do because our staff reflect our vision.

Tim FehrElectrical Solutions / Owner
“Its important to us to make sure customers are confident in us as we work to meet their needs.”


Creating confidence for our team, customers and partners.


For our team, creating confidence means establishing a baseline of trust between each of our members. That trust allows us to communicate effectively with each other and reach out when we need help. Through experience in the field and encouragement from management, each of our member’s builds confidence in their ability to do their jobs and complete tasks to exceed customer expectations.


For our customers, creating confidence means building trust as we introduce ourselves and respecting their space, whether it is their home, place of work or business. We build this trust by opening ourselves to listen to what it is they are looking for and educating them on the possible solutions that will solve the issue. Taking the time to educate the customer on the products and possible solutions, and equally as important, the cost to complete a task is how we will build trust and respect their space and budget.


For our partners, creating confidence is the relationships we build over time. These partners are our suppliers, contractors and people that we interact with on a regular basis. Our partners are the people that help our business move forward on a day to day basis and without whom our business would not be possible. As we establish trust with these partners and learn to do business, we build mutual confidence.